The Town of Princeton is soliciting Request for Proposals (RFP) to review and update the Town of Princeton Emergency Evacuation Plan. We are seeking and will select a Contractor that best demonstrates their ability to provide innovative, affordable, safe and reliable services.

Submissions should include the following:   

Proposed fee structure, costs, and charges for service payable by the Town of Princeton.
A sample Emergency plan with itemized, value-added services or unique items and should include some options.
Plan should augment and enhance the respective Emergency Plans for the following: Regional District, Upper Similkameen Indian Band, Hedley, Tulameen, Keremeos, Hope and Merritt communities.
Qualifications and experience that support the proponent’s ability to perform the required services.
sample of previous emergency-related plan
Provide timelines for the development of the Evacuation plan, including approximate dates for but not limited to the following:
oReview of the Town of Princeton Emergency Evacuation Plan 2017 and the Town of Princeton Emergency Plan
oConsultation review with Regional District, Upper Similkameen Indian Band, Hedley, Keremeos, Hope and Merritt communities to ensure are compatible. 
oCompile document with ongoing staff involvement as required
o2 formal reviews by Town staff with changes 
o1 review by residents, 
ocompile comments and present to Town council and staff 
ofinal review by town staff, 
ofinal document, 
ofinal invoicing received and 
odelivered before February 28, 2020.
The Proposal shall be signed by a duly authorized official, legal status and business address shall be disclosed.

The successful proponent must:

Be willing to enter into an agreement with the Town of Princeton with an end date of February 28th, 2020. The contract manager will be seeking and extention from the funding organization. 
The contractor shall furnish, deliver, supply and provide complete with all materials, equipment and labour, including all found items, taxes, duties and fees required to provide a complete and operational product.
The contractor will be responsible for coordinating this work along with other works required to complete the project.
Comply with Provincial and Federal regulations relating to Emergency Management;
Secure, maintain and pay for general liability insurance;
Carry all other insurance as required;
Comply with the Workers Compensation Act.
The developed documents, reports and professional work submitted and provided by the proponent will be proprietary to the Town of Princeton

Proposals will be considered on the basis of bid price, the experience of the proponent, and services offered. The Town of Princeton reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to accept the proposal deemed the most favourable the interest of the Town of Princeton.

All expenses incurred by the Proponent in preparation and submission of this Proposal is to be borne by the Proponent, with the express understanding that no claims for reimbursements against the Town will be accepted. The Town of Princeton shall not be responsible for any costs involved in or associated with any meetings, discussion or negotiation following submission that could lead to acceptance of the Proposal and award of a contract. 

The Town of Princeton, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to:
1.reject any or all Proposals whether complete or not,
2.reject any Proposal it considers not in its best interests,
3.waive any minor irregularity or insufficiency in the Proposal submitted,
4.not be liable for misunderstandings or errors in the Request for Proposals, 
5.issue addenda to the Request for Proposals, 
6.retain independent persons or contractors for assistance in evaluating Proposals, 
7.request points of clarification to assist the Town in evaluating Proposals,
8.negotiate changes with the successful Proponent,
9.withdraw from the Request for Quotation.

Sealed submissions, clearly marked "Emergency Evacuation - RFP”, can be dropped off at the Princeton Town Hall, 151 Vermilion Ave, Princeton, BC or by Email to

Proposals will be accepted until 2:00 p.m., Friday, November 29, 2019

Proponents are encouraged to review the current Town of Princeton Emergency Plan and Evacuation plan at the Princeton Town Hall, 151 Vermilion Ave, Princeton, BC, call 250-295-3135 to make an appointment.

Contact information on behalf of the Town of Princeton for technical questions or clarification:
Ed Atkinson, Project Manager, 778-720-6097.