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The Building Bylaw and applicable building and plumbing codes are intended to promote quality construction using up-to date methods and materials. It is the Building Officer's job to help builders comply with these regulations. Building permits are needed for most types of construction work, including:
  • to build any residential, commercial, institutional or industrial building;
  • to build an accessory structure larger than 10 square metres total area;
  • to make renovations, structural changes or major repairs to an existing building;
  • to construct or alter a swimming pool;
  • to complete an unfinished area in an existing building;
  • to install any awning or canopy;
  • to demolish or move a building;
  • to move or place a mobile home or other temporary structure; or
  • to build or install any wood-burning appliance or chimney.
Before planning any construction, check with the Town Planning & Development Department about what is permitted on your property under the Zoning Bylaw. Unless your project complies with the requirements, you may not proceed without obtaining bylaw changes or a variance permit from Council.

At the May 16th, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council, the Town of Princeton Development Cost Charges Bylaw No. 1015, 2022 was adopted.

Development Cost Charges Bylaw

Development Cost Charges Information Sheet

Fees & Charges Bylaw 998, 2021 - Schedule E - Building Permits

Zoning, Official Community Plan, legal descriptions and other land use planning information, is provided to the public through our Geographic Information System ("GIS") mapping service. You can search properties by address or legal description to obtain additional information on a property within the Town of Princeton or Regional District Okanagan-Similkameen.

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Building Inspection services are available Monday to Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Please call (250) 295-3135 ext 103 or 778-720-6116 to speak with the Building Services Admin Clerk.

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