The Town of Princeton owns and operates the Princeton Cemetery located 2.9km from Town Centre.

Our Cemetery is a place where you can feel confident your loved one will find peace and serenity.  Our tranquil environment offers a quiet setting for friends and family to gather, honour their memories, and celebrate a life well lived.

Cemetery Inquiries

The cemetery is divided into Sections, Blocks, and plot numbers. Administration staff can conduct a search to confirm if a person is buried here and provide the plot location and details. You can call 250-295-3135 to request the search or for further information.

Online Search

You can locate family and friends, online or on your mobile device.

The link below will provide you with the tools to search cemetery records by name, view burial plot details, and see burial locations on a map:

Online Search Map - currently unavailable

Spaces are available for burial and cremated remains

Planning ahead of time and making decisions in advance can help you save money, ensure that arrangements are made on your own terms, and make everything easier for your family. 
  • Full size grave – One (1) full burial and up to eight (8) cremated remains are permitted per plot 
  • Cremation section - 1 cremated remains per plot


Town of Princeton

Phone: 250-295-3135