Bylaw Services

Bylaw Enforcement

The Town of Princeton provides routine bylaw enforcement services for the matters listed below.

Bylaw concerns may be forwarded to the Town office a 250-295-3135 during regular office hours. We encourage residents to attend the town office in person to fill out our bylaw complaint form. 

Bylaw Officers have authority under the Local Government Act to enter private property at reasonable times to ascertain whether municipal bylaws are being complied with. They have authority to write municipal tickets.

Bylaw Complaint form - Printable

Bylaw Enforcement Officer: Brandon Wanner
The Annex, 231 Bridge Street
Direct Line: 778-720-6097
Telephone: 250-295-3135 
Fax: 250-295-3477

Business Licences

Business Licence Application 

Once the form is completed, with signature(s) you can submit it for approval by:


Fax: 250-295-3477

Drop off: Town Hall, 151 Vermilion Ave, with office staff or in the drop box at the top of the stairs.

Mail to:  Town of Princeton, PO Box 670, Princeton, BC  V0X 1W0

Interior Health Business Licence Information and Referral - link to information sheet

Health approval may be required if the business activities meet the following criteria:

  • New facilities or Events
  • Closures
  • Renovations/Construction
  • Ownership Changes
  • Location Moves
  • Food Premises
  • Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spray Parks
  • Personal Service Establishments
  • Tobacco and Vapour Retail Facilities
  • Community Care Homes and Child Care Facilities  

Dog licensing

Dog licenses can be obtained at the Town Hall located at 151 Vermilion Ave, at Everything Pets located at 4-136 Tapton Ave, or at Cascade Veterinary Clinic located at 240 Bridge St. The metal license tags must be worn by the dog when outside of the residence or fenced yard.

Dogs that have been spayed or neutered cost $10 per year.  Non-spayed or non-neutered dogs cost $35 per year. Replacement tags are $5.  

All dogs must be on a leash and in full control of a competent person when outside of a residence or fenced yard while in the municipality of Princeton.

The animal control bylaw can be found here: Town of Princeton - Animal Control Bylaw No. 782 (2006)

Printable Dog Licence Application

Dog Pamphlet

Control of Dogs - Offences and Fines

Unlicensed Dog


Remove Identification


Fail to Affix License Tag


Fail to Surrender Animal at Large


Unmuzzled Vicious Dog


Fail to Provide Food or Water


Unconfined Vicious Dog


Fail to Provide Clean Receptacles


More Than Two Dogs


Fail to Provide Exercise


Excessive Barking


Fail to Provide Medical Care


Dog at Large


Fail to Provide Shelter


Dog Off Leash


Unlawful Removal of an Animal


Leaving Excrement





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