Authorization to Enter for Green and Yellow Rapid Building Assessment Notice ONLY

Authorization letter for Downloading

November 20, 2021

Authorization to Enter for Green and Yellow Rapid Building Assessment Notice ONLY

The Town of Princeton is authorizing homeowners, utility operators (FortisBC Electric and FortisBC Gas), Town of Princeton Public Works (driveway and sidewalk cleanup) insurance companies, and restoration companies into the Evacuation Order areas.

The authorization to enter is not authorizing you to occupy your home. The evacuation order remains in effect unless the Town of Princeton gives notice of a change.

If your property received a Rapid Building Assessment notice-red placard do not enter your property at this time. The red card reads: Do not enter or occupy. This structure has been inspected for life safety purposes only and found to be seriously damaged and is unsafe. The Town of Princeton planning and building department will work with homeowners with red placards. 

All placards, yellow, green or red, are not to be removed from the premises.

When you return home: ensure your home and property is safe to enter.  

  1. Do a walk-around of your property to ensure there are no hazards or dangers before entering your home.
  2. Check the outside of your house for any changes to how you left it i.e., windows are closed or open, any flood debris that needs to be removed.
  3. Check for a Rapid Building Assessment notice (placard) posted on your home.
  • The Rapid Building Assessment placard indicates that a basic safety assessment that has been carried out and as a result, structures were classified as red, yellow or green. 
  • It is the responsibility of the property/building owner(s) to obtain a more detailed report of their building, as the Rapid Damage Assessment process is basic, and there may be hidden damage or subsequent events causing damage which could affect the property/building. Because of this, we recommend you engage the services of a licensed/certified contractor or professional engineer to assist you to review the safety of your premises.

Clean Up Kits

The Town of Princeton is providing clean up kits (bucket, mop, gloves, etc.) and they are located at the Princeton Baptist Church located at 160 Old Hedley Rd.

Electrical Service Provider: Fortis BC 

Fortis BC crews may continue to work in the area during the re-entry. Please be patient with the crews. 

Fortis BC Contact (Gas): 1.888.224.2710 – Monday to Friday

Fortis BC Contact (Electrical): 1.866.436.7847 – Monday to Friday

Water Service:

The Town of Princeton has two (2) water notices. We have a do not consumer notice and a boil water notice in two areas of the Town. Please refer to the Town of Princeton website for the mapping or please call the Emergency Operation Centre for more information 1-778-720-6097.

Sanitary Sewerage:

The Town of Princeton’s sewer system has been impacted by the flood but it is operational. We are asking everyone to reduce the amount they are putting in the system. 

Landfill Garbage Collection from Evacuation Order Areas

The Town of Princeton will be collecting house demo and garbage from properties affected by the flood. Please leave all materials on the curb or sidewalk and the crew will begin pick up on Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021 and will monitor these area for further pickups.

If you have any question, please contact us at 1-778-720-6097.

Thank you for your patience during this stressful time. Thank you for respecting all evacuation alert and order measures set in place by the Emergency Operations Centre.

Please take care, and stay safe.

Lyle Thomas

Chief Administration Office