Community Engagement

Phases of Engagement 

Phase 1

Community Survey (available March 14th - April 11th) :

This survey is now closed

This survey could be completed before attending a workshop, or on its own and was available online or by obtaining hard copies from Town Hall.

Please review the Conversation Starter and background on this website before completing the survey or participating in a workshop.

Live Workshops:

Note: Content for these are largely be the same so please choose one of the sessions that best suits you.

Three different ways to participate in an interactive workshop:

Community Workshop :

Held Tuesday, April 5th 6:00pm to 8:00pm

This interactive, digital workshop was open to anyone interested in participating and learning more about the project.

Stakeholder Workshop: 

Held Tuesday, April 5th 12:00pm to 2:00pm

This session was targeted towards representatives of stakeholder groups in the community.

Take-Home Activity Video & Comment Form:

Weren’t able to attend one of our live workshops?

Gather your friends and family together, watch the following video, and share your thoughts on the comment form.

Take-Home Activity Comment Form:

Pause the video as you see question prompts and provide your input on the Comment Form.

There are three ways to provide comments:

1. Online through this link: Digital Comment Form

2. Print off and email completed form to

3. Print off and submit your completed form to Town Hall (copies will also be available for pick up) : 

151 Vermilion Avenue, Princeton, BC V0X 1W0

Printable Comment Form

Phase 2

Stay tuned for updates.

Phase 3

Stay tuned for updates.

Following each phase of engagement, a summary known as an Input Summary will be posted under the Results of Engagement section below.

Conversation Starter

The Conversation Starter is intended as a comprehensive guide to the project. We recommend those that would like to participate in the project, or just want to get a better understanding of what the project is all about, start by familiarizing themselves with this guide.

Results of Engagement (coming soon!) 

Following each phase of engagement, a summary will be made available for public viewing.

Phase One Input Summary

Stay tuned for updates. 

Phase Two Summary of Feedback

Stay tuned for updates.

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